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Ladakh Odyssey Tour
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Haridwar Rishikesh Tour

Trekking (English trek, strenuous march) is a common term for multi-day hikes without the need for permanent accommodation and tent, partly away from infrastructure such as roads or paths.

Trekking is possible on foot as long-distance hiking, but also as hiking, by bicycle, canoe, ski touring, cross – country skis or snowshoes .

Trekking in remote, sparsely populated areas is referred to as wilderness trekking . Difficult, mostly scientific projects, in the travel industry also for organized wilderness trips that have not yet been undertaken so, are commonly referred to as an expedition.

The motivation lies mostly in nature experience, sportsmanship and the desire to encounter original cultures and nature. In addition to average fitness, tour operators also require mental strength and knowledge of general wilderness skills. Sufficient knowledge and skills are for your own safety. However, trekking is not a “survival in the bush”. The knowledge and skills of both overlap, however.

Trekking as a form of use of nature reserves is subject to the respective national laws and prohibitions regarding nature reserve and restricted military area . Some of these permits are needed to limit the number of people in a given area in a given time. Some areas can therefore only be visited with the help of tour operators.

 Trekking Places in India
  • Markha Valley Trek
  • Frozen Valley Trek
  • Deo Tibba Trek
  • Kareri Lake Trek
  • Sikkim and Kanchenjunga Trek
  • Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek
  • Gangabal Lake Trek